Effective and Affordable Social Media Presence for Real Estate Pros Who Hate Social Media

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OK, maybe hate is a strong word.  But as a real estate professional, broker, agent, you really DO NOT want to be spending your valuable time creating digital assets and posts to post on social media.  You definitely DO NOT want to have to go to Facebook to post every day – besides, it’s just too easy to get sucked in and by the time you know it, you’ve wasted a good part of the most productive time of your day. 

You want to be spending your time on what you do best:  SELL REAL ESTATE.

Simple solution:  Allow us to create custom branded digital assets and posts for your business – and we’ll even post them for you.  Every day.

None of your clients, or prospective clients will know that you barely even look at Facebook, but you will be on top of their minds each day as they see your daily Facebook posts featuring home buying tips, tips for home sellers, home improvement tips, interior design tips, real estate investor tips and more.

At only $200 a month, this highly effective and affordable Facebook marketing solution for real estate pros is a “no brainer”.  Simply stated, your business cannot afford to turn away potential clients from Facebook – and our service will help you reel them in.

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