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Toddler Car Seat Stolen at Del Mar Villas February 8, 2018

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I seriously cannot believe it, but someone stole my 17 month old daughter‘s car seat from our carport in the Del Mar Villas.  It was a Mini Mouse themed car seat which works as both rear-facing and front-facing.  Not super expensive – but it was our only one ….

To whomever stole the MiniMouse car seat:  I hope that it keeps your child safe (and that your child somehow grows up with better values than you …)

Found: Key(s) Found on 11/12/17 UPDATE: Owner Located

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Update:  Owner has been located and key was returned to our neighbor.  Thank you for your help.


Key(s) found on 11/12/17, call 858.876.4227 or contact us to identify and claim.


At Del Mar Villas: Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

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If there is one thing that Del Mar Villas management is good at, it would have to be putting up signs.  Signs of all kinds – some of them are printed, but many of them are handwritten …  The latest sign, er ‘signs’ (there’s 4 copies taped to the walls and doors within 20 feet of each other is posted in the ‘gym’.Del Mar Villas sign in gym 111117

Remember: Do NOT touch the TV and do not throw away the remote control.

Kind of crazy that we need signs like this – especially so many of them!

Sign Up for the New Del Mar Villas E-Newsletter!

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All residents and condo owners at Del Mar Villas are invited to sign up for the all new (and unofficial) Del Mar Villas e-newsletter at, which will include hyper-local news, classifieds and maybe even some events.

Everyone is invited to submit news,  information or free classified ads – including units for sale or rent.

It’s our goal to give all residents and homeowners at Del Mar Villas a community resource that we can all use to make living at Del Mar Villas an even better experience for us all.  If you have any news that you would like to report, please send to News@LocalBusinessScoop with the subject line of Del Mar Villas news.

Del Mar Villas Condo Owners Association Annual Meeting September 6, 2017 (Updated)

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Del Mar Villas Condo Owners Association Annual Meeting Notice 2017Del Mar Villas Condo Owners Association Annual Meeting to Be Held September 6, 2017

There has been a notice posted around the Del Mar Villas complex saying that the Del Mar Villas Condo Owners Association Annual meeting will be held on Wednesday September 6, 2017 starting with Phil’s BBQ dinner from 5:30-6:30 pm at the ‘Onsite Clubhouse’.

Agenda Items:

  1. Call to Order 6:30 pm
  2. Approval of Prior Annual Meeting Minutes
  3. Nominations from the Floor / Close Nominations
  4. Begin Tabulation of Ballots
  5. Financial Review
  6. Maintenance Updates
  7. Homeowner Open Forum
  8. Announcement of Election Results
  9. Adjournment

The notice goes on to say “All Owners are welcome to attend the meeting~  Please make sure to return your ballot to the inspector of elections before the meeting date!  Your attendance or return of your ballot is extremely important to achieve quorum.  If quorum is not achieved Association business cannot be conducted and the meeting will be rescheduled”.

At this point, I am just a renter and resident of the Del Mar Villas and am not invited or welcome to attend the Del Mar Villas Condo Owners Association Annual Meeting in 2017, BUT among the items I really hope are addressed:

  1.  The eyesore and problems caused by the construction shed, and piles of lumber staged in the NW corner of the property parking lot.  It is common knowledge that a couple of men were arrested for breaking into the storage shed and having stolen property and thought that they were responsible for at least some of the many car and storage break-ins and thefts in the Del Mar Villas community.
    UPDATE:  On August 30, 2017 Susan Thrasher let me know that the lumber was gone and that the carport project has been completed. 
  2. Sani-Can / Porta Potty – these are designed and permitted as temporary, but this one has been in the same place in the parking lot for well over a year and a half – attracting lots of bad characters and trash (not to mention the smell and unsanitary conditions).  UPDATE: On August 23, 2017, the stinking Porta Potty was finally taken away!  Thank you Susan Thrasher!
  3. Smoking on the Del Mar Villas property by contractors hired and paid by the Del Mar Villas Condo Association.  Many of us live here at Del Mar Villas because it is supposed to be a ‘smoke free’ property.  This policy is a joke if contractors who break the rules are allowed to continue to work here.
  4. Ongoing maintenance issues.  Residents need to know why is has been taking so long to repair facilities like the jacuzzi and sauna.  We all pay lots of money for rent or mortgage payments and deserve to be able to consistently enjoy the facilities we pay for.
  5. Keys to common areas.  It is beyond time to change the locks so that only residents and owners have access to our facilities.  The locks have not been changed in many years.  It is not right that so many people who used to live here or have a friend that lived here continue to use our pool, tennis courts and gym facilities.  There are actually tennis coaches with no ties to Del Mar Villas hosting tennis lessons on our tennis courts.  There are many families who live elsewhere who regularly use our swimming pool.  And there are people who don’t live here who work out in our gym.  This is not fair to residents and adds a lot of liability to the Del Mar Villas and its owners (especially the Del Mar Villas Board of Directors).


Don’t Bother Getting Your Car Washed if You Live at Del Mar Villas

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If you live at the Del Mar Villas, don’t bother getting your car washed – the maintenance guys will make sure to blow dirt over it the next day ….

I’ve complained about this several times, but still the same, they continue to blow all the parking lot dirt all over freshly washed cars.  #thissucks


Apparently It’s Ok to Park Illegally at Del Mar Villas – IF You Are the Manager …. (Updated)

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Del Mar Villas Manager Susan Thrasher's Truck Illegally ParkedI’ve noticed several times over the course of the last month a big red truck illegally parked in the fire lane across the parking lot from the gym at Del Mar Villas. Read More

Conflicting Messages from Del Mar Villas Manager Causing Concern

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Del Mar Villas Management Notice Taped on Bedroom WindowThis morning I was sitting on the toilet and right outside my bedroom window, I heard someone repeatedly saying “wanna go peepee? wanna go peepee?”  Then I heard the woman’s voice saying “she’s out of control” and “we need to take care of this”. (apparently after she read my sign about inconsiderate pet owners). Read More

Inconsiderate Del Mar Villas Pet Owners NOT Appreciated

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No It's Not Ok For You To Let Your Dog Shit on My LawnUnfortunately, there continues to be at least a couple of pet owners living at Del Mar Villas who are acting in an extremely inconsiderate manner – letting their dogs pee and crap on lawns outside of their neighbor’s windows.  Not very neighborly at all – and it makes residents resent all pet owners (even the ones who are considerate and walk their dogs off the property).

Personally I’m tired of people letting their dogs pee and shit right outside my bedroom window.  If and when I catch someone allowing their pet to do that, I will follow them home and take a dump in front of their front window.  If I’m in a pissed off mood, I might even just hose dog and owner down with the garden hose.

Be warned.

(Updated) Found: Max Studio Sun Dress with Tags with Card and Bag from Saks Off 5th Avenue

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Dress Found at Del Mar Villas May 14 2017

Note: On Monday May 22nd Property Manager Susan Thrasher put me in contact with Lily who came over to claim the dress.  Still missing is a hat mentioned in the card.

This afternoon I found a new, orange(ish) sun dress by Max Studio in the bushes on a hill in the back corner of the complex (close to where the sani-can, equipment shed and partially tarped pile of boards are).

Close to it were a bag from Saks Off 5th Avenue and a Thank You card to ‘Ashley’ from ‘Lily’.

Thank you card from Lily to AshleyIf you know Ashley or Lily or the story behind the dress, please contact me asap.  I’d like to get this back to the rightful owner.

It looks like it may have been discarded by someone who should not have  had it in their possession.