Here’s How You Can Create the Perfect Office Space

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Bellevue Office SpaceFinding the perfect office space is one thing. Turning it into the ideal workable space is a whole other task. The layout and design of the area are what can genuinely attract an employee not just to come and work for you, but to enjoying working there.
Walking into an office that is dark, crammed with nothing appealing around, it will be hard to keep employees happy. However, an office that is open, bright, has lots of windows and features to it, you’ll notice your staff might actually enjoy walking into work.
Since designing the perfect office space can be tricky, here are a few points to help you out.
First, Find the Right Location
The location of the office plays a significant role in the appeal to employees. If there are no amenities around the area that allow staff members to take a break at lunch or a walk through the park as a break, they might start looking for other jobs in different areas of town. While searching for a Bellevue office space, consider the location first.
Choose the Right Color and Lighting
The paint you put on the walls will influence the productivity of your employees. Studies have linked the colors blue and green to enhancing the ability to create and develop new ideas, while red is said to boost performances that involve paying attention to details.
The same goes for the lighting in the space as well. Tasks that involve creativity will perform better under a more dim setting. However, for a job that requires a more conceive and analytical approach, brighter lights work better.
Determine what the primary purpose of the office space is and design accordingly with the color and lighting.
Utilize Green Plants
Having green plants around are not only good for boosting the atmosphere of the office, but they are also useful for our health as well. Office plants help employees to lower their stress levels and recover from demanding tasks. Not only that, plants are known for reducing pollution levels.
Bring in a couple of plants to place throughout the office and make the atmosphere more calming.
Open Concept or Closed Offices
Deciding between an open concept or having cubicles and closed off offices will depend on a few things: what type of work you do, the size of your staff and the atmosphere you want to have. If you prefer to keep things private and have a bit more of a strict office, closed off spaces will work better.
However, if you prefer to have staff and management mingle and provide a more relaxed and open workspace, an open concept will enhance that. Again, determine what your office space is mostly used for and plan the layout accordingly.
Don’t Overdo the Creativity
An office space is meant to be a professional area. As much as you want to include some creativity in the design, don’t overdo it. Especially if you have the public and professional clients coming in on a regular basis, too much creativity can come across as childish. Consider what an outside perspective would think of the design of the office and adjust if needed.

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