Is The San Diego Real Estate Bubble About to Burst?

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San Diego Real Estate BubbleIt seems that there are A LOT of people in the San Diego real estate industry who are worried about the San Diego real estate market.  Could it be that the San Diego real estate bubble is about to burst – AGAIN?  We just don’t know – do we?

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Anyone who has been through a real estate cycle knows that what goes up, must come down and there are a number of factors that affect a local real estate market.  Jobs, the economy, public perception, affordability (or lack thereof), interest rates / cost of money are all factors in the strength and health of San Diego real estate.  The political unrest in our country is beyond unsettling.  There are even leftist groups calling for anarchy here in our own country.  Qualcomm is still the largest employer in San Diego outside of the military and they are currently going through a big shakeup after President Trump quashed Broadcomm’s hostile takeover bid.  Many highly and skilled workers are getting laid off and may end up having to move out of San Diego County just to find jobs.  Some may take jobs in the Bay area and commute from their homes in San Diego, but others are going to be forced to sell their homes and move.

Combine this hardship with the news from China that the Chinese government is working to make it more difficult for it’s citizens to take money out of China to invest in real estate – this means that the currently tight supply and high demand for homes in San Diego could potentially be reversed in the near future.

Regardless of which direction the San Diego real estate market is heading, we still know of several San Diego real estate investors who are looking to buy distressed properties all over San Diego County.  These San Diego real estate investors are interested in homes that need work – perhaps they need upgrades to kitchens and/or bathrooms – or maybe they need new roofs, flooring and a couple of coats of paint.  What ever situation you are in – if you are interested in selling your San Diego real estate fast – with a quick close and no out of pocket costs call San Diego Real Estate Investor Joe Kennedy at 858.262.0944.

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