Inconsiderate Del Mar Villas Pet Owners NOT Appreciated

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No It's Not Ok For You To Let Your Dog Shit on My LawnUnfortunately, there continues to be at least a couple of pet owners living at Del Mar Villas who are acting in an extremely inconsiderate manner – letting their dogs pee and crap on lawns outside of their neighbor’s windows.  Not very neighborly at all – and it makes residents resent all pet owners (even the ones who are considerate and walk their dogs off the property).

Personally I’m tired of people letting their dogs pee and shit right outside my bedroom window.  If and when I catch someone allowing their pet to do that, I will follow them home and take a dump in front of their front window.  If I’m in a pissed off mood, I might even just hose dog and owner down with the garden hose.

Be warned.

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